Sindbad Safari Dahab

Sindbad Safari Dahab

Sindbad Safari Dahab - Reda AudaSindbad Safari Dahab is a new start-up company headed by Reda Auda and can be found within the grounds of Sindbad Camp. Many of the past visitors to Sindbad Camp will recognise Reda and I am sure they will want to wish him well and support him in his new venture. For those new to Sindbad Camp and Dahab please do check with Reda on what you can do in Dahab and the surrounding areas, as he has a wealth of knowledge, and will always be, only too willing to help you with any questions or advice you may need to get the most out of your visit to Dahab

Below are just a few of the tours and activities being offered and arranged by Sindbad Safari and Reda. There are many more available and Equipment for snorkelling can be hired from his premises.

Sindbad Safari Dahab and Reda can be contacted on telephone: + 20 0100 0345 887

More Information can be found on the Sindbad Safari Facebook Page. Link below!  while visiting the page, please remember to like and share.


Bedouin Diner

A delicious Bedouin dinner is awaiting you in the sandy mountains of Dahab. Travel by jeep or camel and enjoy a wonderful and peaceful evening to view the stunning sunset and wait for the stars high in the sky.

Blue Hole

Spend a day snorkelling or diving in the Blue Hole, a vertical 130mt-deep underwater sink hole, located a few miles north of Dahab.

Every day, many scuba divers, free divers, snorkelers and onlookers make the journey from Dahab by jeep or camel, eager to discover and explore the Blue Hole.

Snorkel along the vertical coral walls surrounding the sink hole, where large shoals of surgeon fish, couples of butterfly fish and small groups of Red Sea banner fish find shelter.

Opposite the shore, there is “the saddle” opening out to the sea. This is probably the most interesting area where the seabed is the best preserved, with dense and multi-coloured groups of corals. Thousands of sea creatures take shelter around the coral, and a wide range of interesting fish (angelfish, clown fish in their sea anemone, wrasse and grouper) can be seen. In the Blue Hole, there are no disturbing currents and the water is calm, clear and temperate.

Enjoy lunch in one of the several budget restaurants along the beach.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is the big new adventure in Dahab and the Sinai desert of Egypt! Arrange your trip from October to April to climb the dry granite rock and enjoy the winter sun.

Find routes for all levels of climber, including beginner climbers and children. An overnight stay can be organized on request

The Three Pools

The Three Pools is a magnificent snorkelling location 10 km south of Dahab, at Southern Oasis. You can get there on a 30 minute jeep ride. They are connected pools with beautiful coral reef. The Moray Garden snorkelling area is situated 300 Meters from the Three Pools.

Depths vary from 3 to 4 meters which makes them a hot snorkelling area it’s also recommended for beginners.


Immerse yourself in the southern most dive site accessible by car in Dahab. By snorkelling, free diving or scuba diving you will access the great coral reef where you can spot turtles, pipe fish and the occasional guitar fish. Grab a torch and explore the caves to find some strange flatworms, unusual nudibranchs, morays and giant puffer fish. South of the main entry another cave at around 5m will show many black corals. Enjoy a delicious lunch with beautiful Mountain View.

Abu Galum

Stretch a bit further from the Blue Hole and reach the magnificent and unspoilt Bedouin village of Abu Galum and the paradise beach of the Blue Lagoon. You can get there by camel ride or by boat and stay overnight to enjoy a starry night. Snorkelling and diving are highly recommended here and so are windsurfing and kite surfing


A little north of Sharm resorts is the protected are of Nabq where the marine reserve has been established here since 1992 in order to protect the coral reefs and the mangrove fringe which extends along the shoreline. Scuba diving is popular here due to the well preserved coral reefs and so are the beautiful beaches where water and beach sports can be played.

Ras Mohamed National Park

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit and stay in one of the most beautiful snorkelling and diving sites in the world. With more than a 1000 species of fish, sea stars and sea urchins South Sinai Ras Mohamed will be an unforgettable experience. You also have the chance to enjoy a night under the stars staying in the only campsite available in the whole park and where the Bedouin food served is delicious and fresh every day.