Dahab Egypt A history of Modern Dahab

The Early History of Dahab Egypt

Dahab Egypt in the South Sinai Peninsula is a small holiday resort

With the mountains of the Sinai Desert standing majestically behind on the shores of the Red Sea .

The remains of the original inhabitants of Dahab Egypt can still be seen in Dahab today.

Located very close to the shoreline of Dahab lies an excavated Nabataean trading port, that was once inhabited by the Nabataeans of the Nabataean Kingdom.

The Capitol of which was Petra in Jordan (168 BC–106 AD) who used Dahab as a fishing port and a place of trade along the trade routes of the Sinai Peninsula.

The demise of this Kingdom came about with the death of its last King Rabbel II Soter in 106AD when it then became an annexation of the Roman Empire, during the reign of Roman emperor Trajan.

Nabataean origins date from a time when they were nomadic pastoralists in the Negev and the Sinai Peninsula during Achaemenid Persian rule, around the 4th century BC.

ancient nabataean port dahab egypt

Ancient Nabataean Port Dahab Egypt – Coordinates: 28°29’38″N 34°31’1″E

The Arrival of The Bedouins to Dahab Egypt

Dahab Egypt is home to Bedouins of the Muzeina tribe, whose descendants arrived 800 years ago from the Saudi Peninsula.

The Bedouin of Dahab have a tradition of herding goats and fishing, with palm trees being their form of agriculture.

With the influx of tourists to Dahab Egypt the Bedouins have been quick provide services to them

These include accommodation, taxi services, desert safaris and Bedouin dinners in the mountains among many other things.

The arts and crafts of Bedouin women are available for sale and offer great value for money, as many of these items are handmade and beautiful in there detail.

Bedouin children are to be seen among the tourists of Dahab selling bracelets, key chains and necklaces.

Egyptians from the Nile delta have arrived in large numbers and also cater to the tourists arriving in Dahab Egypt.

The Arrival of The Hippie Generation

Dahab Egypt the holiday resort came in to being with the arrival of independent travelers from around the World during the early 1970’s.

The hippie generation were early travelers to Dahab Egypt

Hippies and backpackers came to Dahab looking for a place that was not your traditional holiday resort location.

These early travelers to Dahab Egypt set the style and pace of Dahab that still remains the underlying feeling one gets when visiting Dahab today.

That is one of a very peaceful and laid back attitude mixed with all the activities you can do in Dahab.

Modern Day Dahab Egypt

Dahab Egypt has now expanded into a modern day holiday resort location

With many modern hotels, self-catering apartments, houses to rent and the original camp based accommodation.

Many sporting pursuits are available in Dahab Egypt

These include scuba diving, wind surfing, kite surfing, free diving, horse riding and many more activities.

For those tourists that want a more leisurely holiday Dahab offers yoga classes, meditation, massage and beauty treatments and many other forms of alternative treatments.

Other pursuits that exist are language courses, art classes, photography courses, music lessons. Whatever you desire, you will usually find someone in Dahab who can cater to your particular needs.

Shopping in Dahab is something to experience, with every shop owner inviting you to enter their premises. In some shops the prices are fixed in others they are open to haggling over the final price.

The shops in Dahab range from large stores to small boutiques, offering an assortment of goods that include essential items such as sun cream and sunglasses to souvenirs, gold and silver jewelry, carpets, perfumes, artworks and items fabricated in glass.

Dahab Egypt Glass works


Nightlife in Modern Day Dahab Egypt

The nightlife in Dahab is overall quite, with the occasional evening of modern music being arranged in one of the many local bars.

Most visitors spend their evenings relaxing in one of the many local restaurants.

The menus range from Egyptian, Italian, Chinese, Indian and Korean cuisines. Fast food outlets are also available.

You should take care when ordering a fish meal as these can be quite expensive

You should agree a price before any preparation of the fish meal takes place.

Dahab still retains the magic and charm of its former visitors

Many people who visit leave with fond memories and new friendships.

Dahab Egypt is certainly a place that once discovered remains in the heart

Many people returning again and again, year after year.