Diving in Dahab Egypt

Diving in Dahab Egypt is an experience every diver should have; diving in Dahab is scuba diving in World class diving waters.

Home to coral reefs with an abundance of marine creatures that are only to be found in The Red Sea.

Spanish Dancer Lighthouse Reef Dahab

Since we moved to Sindbad Camp we are no longer a Dive Centre.

Diving in Dahab Egypt with our partners

We work closely with the diving professionals at Dahab Divers Lodge

And so we can still offer you dive courses and guided dives.

With a special bonus that if you book through us you will receive a 10% discount

On any diving or dive course you decide to take during your stay in Dahab.

We can provide your diving courses and guided dives in English, Dutch and Arabic.

Diving in Dahab is done mostly from the shore. We drive to the dive sites in Jeeps and Pick-ups.

You don’t come to Dahab for the big fish, although occasionally these are seen.

The beauty of the dive sites in and around Dahab are the great variation in the corals and the small marine creatures like nudibranches and seahorses.

World Famous Dive Sites

To the North of Dahab you can dive the World famous Blue-Hole and the Canyon dive sites.

To the South of Dahab, The Islands dive site offers you a stunning coral garden on a grand scale and quite often shoals of juvenile Barracuda are to be seen.

Less than 100 meters from Sindbad Camp you find the Light-House Reef.

This is the main reef for all divers in Dahab and diving in Dahab, and the reef where most people start their diving courses.

Introductory dives and night diving are also very popular on the Light-House Reef.

Diving in Dahab Night Dive

But it is also a dive site where divers who “saw it all” make dive after dive and come home with the most enthusiastic stories and brag about which unknown creature they saw and photographed.

There are dive boats available in Dahab

When the weather and sea conditions are fine and there are enough interested people we arrange a boat trip to Gabr-el-Bint, for diving, snorkeling and fun times with friends.