Freediving Dahab Egypt

Freediving Dahab Egypt with Sindbad Camps very own resident freediving instructor Andreas Peper.

Freediving Dahab at Sindbad Camp: home to a coaching project that includes Freediving*

Foremost, but is open to other related practices such as swimming on the surface, reworking water feel, and general relationship with the fluid environment.

Freediving Dahab Egypt


There is a particular sense given to all these practices through the context of Dahab and sea and beaches:

going “in” means not only entering water, but means refreshment in a dry warm climate, connecting to various life forms, coming closer to an intense blue, that is a big part of being in Dahab “on land”

Already, it also means joining and connecting to a lifestyle that is part of Dahab’s people and their guests.

Floating, swimming, freediving Dahab makes sense here and is more easy – an almost obvious thing to do, in whatever way suits us.

Starting out of this feel, makes a difference, that let’s floating in its various ways become something that is tremendously “right”.

Freediving classes and coaching sessions with Andreas Peper.

Run on a one to one basis as standard – It’s possible to arrange group work on request.

Dedicating to this personal approach for the last two years has shaped Andreas’ work.

Coming from movement and behavioral science

Andreas’ classes have moved into an holistic practice

Inspired by systemics

And his very own freediving and water feel.

Please get in touch for classes regarding freediving Dahab and basic water feel: 00201019540129

Also check Andreas’ website for more info on freediving and his ideas:

*Freediving is swimming freely under water.

Usually freedom is found by looking for it, with an attention that does not prevent things…

(Diving as deep as possible without tank would be “deep diving”, would it not? Diving as long as possible would be “time diving” for sure. )