Sindbad Camp Hafla

Our annual Hafla in Sindbad Camp, Dahab, Egypt

Since the end of the last century I have organized a party for the children from Masbath, our neighborhood!

The Arabic word for party is Hafla and a Hafla it is.

It started as a housewarming party for some of the neighbors children, in the house Karin and I rented in Masbath; that one was such great fun, that in the following years we held more Hafla’s, and when the Hafla became too big, we moved the Hafla to Marine Garden Camp, and following this, we all moved to Sindbad Camp and the Hafla followed us.

The whole year, every day, every time they see me, the children ask me, when the Sindbad Camp Hafla is? Always, and always, I have to say “Later, Badeen, Inshallah” Only on one day of the year I can truly say “Tomorrow, Bokra, El Hamdullellah” just too a few children, and the fun and excitement begins.

The results of which can be seen in the videos above from just some of the Hafla’s we have held over the years.

The playing of past Hafla videos, is an important part of the Sindbad Camp Hafla, the children always love to see themselves, their brothers and sisters and friends, from previous years, and now the smaller children can see their own mums and dads doing the same things they are doing now, when they were once children, at a Sindbad Camp Hafla.

The actual Sindbad Camp Hafla lasts about 2hr 30mins, but the fun and memories last forever,  I am blessed that I can be a part of it, and I am sure that all of our friends and guests of Sindbad Camp, who helped make the Sindbad Camp Hafla’s such a success, feel the same way.


Marcel xxx