Welcome to Sindbad Camp Dahab Egypt

Welcome to the Sindbad Camp website! Glad you found us.

Sindbad is the last traditional Bedouin Camp in Dahab that is located directly on the sea front with a beach that is free of buildings.
You can find us in The Lighthouse Area, a lively neighbourhood with many fine restaurants and nice shops.

About 75 meters from the Camp there is an easy entry to the sea, where you can enter the water for a swim or to to snorkel; surf or dive.

The Camp is owned by the Oda Nasr family.
A local Bedouin family who rented out the Camp to Marcel Wets, a Dutchman who came, in the early 90’s, into the Camp as a guest.
Since 2008, he and his staff, who are all Bedouin, made the Camp into what it is today.
A cosy place where you can find buddies and friends, all within a one family atmosphere, that conveys the traditional spirit of Dahab.
According to many of our past and present guests, it’s the best place to stay in Dahab.

More About The Camp:

There is a small restaurant in the Camp where we offer simple but tasty breakfast’s and lunch’s at reasonable prices , where you can dine on request.
Because we want to give our guests freedom in where and what they eat, the cost of these are not included in the room prices.

In the Camp, you will find many places where you can relax and meet friends.

If you have to work online, there are plenty of areas where you can do so, in total peace and tranquility.
There is free WIFI in the Camp.
But if you have to work online from the Camp, we advise you to purchase a MIFI and an Egyptian SIM card. You are then assured of the best possible connection.

We offer a wide variety of private rooms, from very simple to fairly luxurious.
We provide clean bed linen, but do not provide towels.
During your stay, you are responsible for keeping your own room clean.

You can make a reservation by using the Contact Us Form on this website, in which you indicate your date of arrival and your departure date and which type of accommodation you desire.
Please also state what the purpose of your stay in Dahab is. Be aware that it is not allowed to engage in commercial activities within the Camp without permission from the general manager.

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