The Sindbad Camp Restaurant is open from early morning until early evening. It is not Haute Cuisine but offers delicious homemade specialities from the freshest ingredients.

The cooks Hassan and Salama are experts at choosing the best products available at any time of the year as the different fruit and vegetables become their best throughout the growing season.

The menu varies with various options, including traditional Egyptian, Bedouin and European meals such as pizzas, omelettes, and delicious salads.

Vegetarian meals are available, wonderfully made, and balanced in the all-important vitamins and minerals.

The restaurant’s speciality is freshly caught fish, cooked in mixed spices and served with rice and crispy fresh salad, a true masterpiece of cooking that creates a taste of heaven with every bite.

Cold drinks include local items such as freshly squeezed fruit juices and Hibiscus tea (Karkade), a delightful herbal tea with a cranberry-like flavour, drunk hot or cold.

Hot drinks include tea, hot chocolate, and coffees such as latte, cappuccino, and espresso; we serve some of the best coffee available in Dahab at excellent prices.

Alcohol is not served in the camp but is available at the local shop a minute’s walk from the camp. You are always welcome to bring your alcoholic drinks to consume with your meal. We have no objections to alcohol being consumed within Sindbad Camp.

If you find something, not on the menu, Hassan and Salama are generally more than happy to cook to your taste if the ingredients are available.

The Sindbad Camp Restaurant is open to all, not just residents of Sindbad Camp and everyone will find a warm welcome with excellent service and a healthy meal upon ordering.