In the early nineties Marcel Wets came from Holland to visit Dahab, Egypt for the very first time, in these days the middle of nowhere.

Dahab, Egypt then was a tiny community beside the Red Sea in the Gulf of Aqaba, set among the palm trees and the Sinai Desert Mountains.

Local Bedouins of the Mezeinah tribe were and still are, happily greeting tourists from around the World.

The early travelers to Dahab consisted of a lot of backpackers and independent free thinkers, and camps like Sindbad were built to accommodate them.

More than fifteen years ago Marcel, together with Karin Claessen and Awad Musa, started a Dive Center in Marine Garden Camp.

At the end of 2008 the owner of Marine Garden Camp decided to raise the rent too much, which resulted in the decision to move to the Camp next-door, and so began his involvement with Sindbad Camp and the business he runs today.

Nice and relaxed, very down-to-earth. With the best and most loyal staff one could wish for.