Top Five Things to Do and See in Dahab, Egypt while staying there:

Scuba diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving and snorkelling are certainly the main attraction in Dahab, the waters of the Red Sea around Dahab are a paradise to observe.

New visitors to the Red Sea and Dahab will be amazed at the incredible marine life and coral reefs that lie just below the surface.

Many of these fishes and corals are unique to the Red Sea and with the ease of access you have in Dahab by simply walking in from the shoreline with mask, snorkel and fins, makes this irresistible!

Scuba diving opens up the possibility of staying longer below the surface but only with the use of extra equipment, a diving certification card and a local dive guide.

Introductory dives are available and require no previous diving experience or diving certification card.

The Blue Hole

Blue Hole DahabTo the North of Dahab is the world famous diving and snorkelling site known as The Blue Hole. This truly is a must see and do while staying in Dahab.

The Blue Hole itself is a body of water separated from the rest of the Red Sea by an outer reef wall that, when you swim to its centre gives you the impression of truly being in space, with a depth that just falls away into a blue infinity.

An experience unlike any other!

Divers generally start by entering at the Bells, a head first plunge to a depth of around 30 metres and then coming shallower and turning right to follow the outer reef wall towards the saddle of the reef wall that allows entrance to the Blue Hole itself.

The whole area of the Bells, Blue Hole gives an incredible impression of depth of the sea, mixed with the beauty of the diverse corals and fishes to be seen there.

The Blue Hole is also popular with freedivers, and some of the best in the world train and take part in competition here.

Windsurfing and Kite Surfing

Windsurfing Dahab

Windsurfing and Kite Surfing in Dahab is very popular with winds blowing on average 270 days a year, starting in the early morning and falling off mid-afternoon.

This makes Dahab one of the best places in the world to practice and learn these sports.

The Laguna area of Dahab is where you will find most of the schools teaching and is ideal for beginners as it offers a very shallow area of water to practice and learn on.

The Lighthouse Reef close to Sindbad Camp offers the more experienced stronger winds and easy access to the water.

For the casual observer, experienced wind and kite surfers are to be seen performing the most amazing acrobatics and mastery of their sport not far from the shore in full view of holiday makers relaxing by the sea.


While still a relatively new sport, freediving in Dahab has taken hold here for many reasons.

The warm waters and visibility of the Red Sea make for ideal conditions to train and learn. The sea does get slightly colder during the winter months but still remain well above European sea temperatures for the same period.

Many people of different nationalities are to be found here in competitive freediving breaking world and national records.

Popular freediving sites in Dahab are The Blue Hole and the Lighthouse Reef, but on the calm days all the reefs along the Dahab shoreline are a freediving paradise.

What makes the freediver different from a snorkeler is usually the equipment they tend to use, that being the use of longer fins or mono fins and the use of lead weights to achieve neutral buoyancy.

The beauty of this sport is that you can start with minimal equipment and progress fairly quickly into a more comfortable and free way to swim underwater.

Many good freediving instructors are available in Dahab.

At Sindbad Camp we have our very own freediving instructor Andreas Peper who takes a holistic and personal approach to teaching freediving.

Relaxing in the Sun

Dahab Red Sea

The weather in Dahab offers nearly 365 days of constant sunshine making Dahab a holiday and resort destination to be considered good whatever time of the year you decide to come here.

Rain in Dahab is rare; the wettest month is December with an average of 5mm of rain and generally lasting only a few hours, with sunshine returning very quickly.

The summer month of July being the hottest with an average temperature of 33°C (91°F) with January being the coldest at 18°C (64°F).

Many of the beaches close to Sindbad Camp are free to use, while the main bay of Dahab is occupied by restaurants, some of them offer sunbeds, but expect to pay for drinks and meals for using these facilities.

Other beaches to visit are the one at Assalah, were local Bedouin families and children like to enjoy the sea and quite often learn to swim here. The sea here is shallow and has easy entry.

The Laguna Beach area is another popular one with parts of it being free and other parts being occupied by the larger hotels of Dahab.

The backdrop of the Sinai Mountains and shallow water and fine sand makes this a very special place to relax in the sunshine.

When the Sun sets here you are quite often treated to a spectacular vista in the sky, with people often having barbeques on the beach just to watch the amazing view and to then relax under a sky filled with stars.

Laguna Dahab