Welcome to the brand new and updated Sindbad Camp website.

The website has finally had a facelift and new content added; we hope to bring you the very latest news of what is happening at Sindbad Camp and Dahab in Egypt.

While the old Sindbad Camp website has served its purpose well, we felt it was time to bring you new features and regular updates not only from us but also from the interesting guests we have staying at Sindbad.

New features of the Sindbad Camp website include:

Sign up to the Sindbad Camp Newsletter to receive the very latest travel news, special offers and discounts from Sindbad camp and our preferred and recommended partners in Dahab, Egypt.

Translation of the website into various languages, making the site more user friendly. This will be an on-going project.

Daily weather updates from Dahab, Egypt featuring sunrise and sunset times.

Sindbad Reviews: we would love you to leave us feedback on your stay at Sindbad Camp and Dahab, this not only helps us but also future clients deciding on where to stay in Dahab. Spread the love add your review!

Sindbad Camp has now become more social, you can now follow us on the following social networks.

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A page dedicated to our very own resident freediving instructor Andreas Peper.

The new Sindbad Camp website also features a fully responsive web template that should work well not only on PC and Mac but on most mobile devices.

We hope you enjoy the new website layout and would very much value your feedback on what you like about it and what you feel it could be missing.

Please feel free to leave your valued feedback at any time via our Contact Us form.

As always Marcel and the staff at Sindbad Camp welcome you to Dahab, Egypt and we wish you a very pleasant stay.